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A&WMA’s 107th Annual Conference & Exhibition

The 107th Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) of the Air & Waste Managememnt Association (A&WMA) will be held June 24 – 27, 2014 in Long Beach, California.  The spotlight theme of the conference is “Navigating Environmental Crossroads”.  The ACE technical program covers a myriad of air, environmental, and waste management topics ranging from air measurement and basic science, federal facilities, regulatory issues, sustainability, climate change, education, young professionals, and much more.  Transportation is a particular focus of this year’s ACE consisting of a separate track and a mini-symposium on Transportation and Hubs and Ports.

The Transportation track will consist of six platform sessions:

  • Latest Findings in Vehicle Emissions Modeling and Measurement (Part 1);
  • Latest Findings in Vehicle Emissions Modeling and Measurement (Part 2);
  • Transportation and Air Quality – New Case Studies and Methods;
  • Transportation Land-Use and Exposure;
  • Toward Sustainable Transportation; and
  • Noise Emerging Issues.

The Mini-Symposium, which is essentially a specialty conference within a conference, will consist of a combination of 8 platform and panel sessions on:

  • Emissions from the Transportation Sector at Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports;
  • Emissions from Transportation Hubs and Ports;
  • Diesel Emissions Updates – Multiple Transportation Modes;
  • Greenhouse Gas Issues Related to Freight and Intermodal Facilities;
  • Goods Movement and Ports – Balancing Environment, Economies and Policy;
  • Los Angeles International Air Quality and Source Apportionment Study;
  • Health and Community Impacts Related to Air Pollution from Ports, International Trade Activities and Goods Movement; and
  • Review of Mini-Symposium Sessions – Impacts of Transportation Hubs & Ports.

This year’s preliminary program is now available.  For more information on registration, accommodations, and special events, refer to A&WMA’s ACE website.

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