Transportation and Air Quality Committee (ADC20) Activities

Chair: Dr. Jane Lin – University of Illinois, Chicago

The TRB Transportation and Air Quality Committee:

  • Provides for a mutual exchange of information among committee and task force members
  • Identifies research needs
  • Stimulates needed research
  • Advises on research priorities and procedures
  • Evaluates and interprets research findings
  • Reviews papers for presentation at TRB meetings and for publication
  • Encourages the adoption of appropriate research findings into practice
  • Arranges special programs, conferences, and workshops

Annual and Mid-Year Meetings

The Transportation and Air Quality Committee meets during TRB’s annual conference and a mid-year meeting during the summer. TRB Annual Meetings occur in January in Washington DC. Mid-Year meetings take place in May, June, or July.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Research Needs

TRB technical committees such as ADC20 identify, develop, and disseminate research need statements. Visit the Research page for additional information provided by the ADC20 Research Needs Subcommittee.

National Workshops

International Workshops

The Transportation and Air Quality Committee of the TRB (ADC20) was one of the co-sponsors of a series of international workshops held in China, including:


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