ADC20 is a Transportation Research Board Committee dedicated to transportation-related air quality issues

Committee Mission

The mission of the Transportation and Air Quality Committee (ADC20) is to provide leadership in research initiatives and knowledge sharing in the area of transportation-related air quality issues.  ADC20 does this by ensuring that up-to-date research needs are maintained, cross-cutting emerging issues are identified, critical issues are addressed in sessions and events, excellence in research is rewarded, and the committee remains relevant and vibrant.

Strategic Plan

The Transportation and Air Quality Committee (ADC20) strategic plan outlines the committee’s mission, scope, goals and initiatives.

Membership and Friends of the Committee

Membership:  The ADC20 Committee is composed of national and international members providing expertise in a broad array of disciplines that compose the transportation and air quality field.  Members are selected based on their interest, participation, expertise and experience in transportation and air quality.

Friends of the Committee:  Non-members can become a friend of the committee.  Friends can access information generated by the committee, participate in some peer review activities and will be placed on a committee listserv for periodic event and announcement information.  To become a friend of the committee, please complete our Friends List Form.

Subcommittees and Task Forces

  • Project-Level Air Quality Subcommittee (chaired by Christopher Voigt)
  • Regional Air Quality Subcommittee (chaired by Douglas S. Eisinger)
  • Research Needs Subcomittee (chaired by Josias Zietsman)

About TRB Committees

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